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Welcome, Harub Dental Surgery is the first private practice in Oman. It was established in 1977. We highly esteem ourselves in providing the highest quality of service, equipment, technology and an accumulative of over a hundred years worth of experience.   

HDS is the largest dental practice in Oman accommodating 8 dental units utilizing the most advance technology in the Middle East and rivaling any top class surgeries in the world. Each surgery respectively accounts for the vast specialities we ensue.
Our Mission
  • To offer the highest quality of dental care.
  • To offer quality services with the latest in dental technologies.
  • To provide and relay dental awareness and information to our patients.
  • To provide a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.
  • To listen and put our patients concerns first.
  • To continue being a leader in the dental field in Oman and Internationally.
  • To provide the best dental care and best dentist in Muscat.
Dr. Harub