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ff Tooth Replacement
Replace missing teeth with cosmetic procedures including dental implants, bridges or partial dentures in HDS.
At HDS, tooth replacement is a common procedure, that shouldn't fill you with trepidation. Whether you have lost a tooth, by accident or naturally, you should visit HDS, as soon as you can, to replace that tooth and recapture your original smile.
The replacement of missing teeth is essential and there are many reasons to act fast:
  • Drifting: Prevents the teeth either side from drifting forward and back
  • Tipping: Prevents the teeth either side from ‘tipping' over into the space, increasing the incidence of gum disease and subsequently the loss of other teeth.
  • Misalignment: Prevent your bite from becoming ‘misaligned'
    Over-eruption: Prevents the opposing tooth from ‘over-erupting', coming further through the gum.
  • Chewing: Improves chewing ability
  • Appearance: Improve the appearance of your smile. A missing tooth can be very noticeable
tooth replacemnt
There are three different options available to replace a missing tooth:
  1. Dental Implant: This is the most successful and long-lasting treatment
  2. Bridge: This option is also very effective
  3. Partial Denture: This offers short term replacement