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ff Tooth Ache

Toothache normally happens very suddenly and is often very painful. HDS has invested in systems, procedures and technologies to make your pain disappear quickly. Whether it is a cracked tooth, a root canal treatment, an extraction, or Under any circumstantial dental emergence , we would schedule you immediately, all it takes is a simple phone call. 


1. If a child broke their tooth an early consultation is crucial. Do not delay as this may complicate the situation further. Give your child Calpol and contact emergency number immediately.

2. It tooth came out after trauma, and it is not contaminated, stick it back into the socket if you feel able to do so. If not, store it in a glass of room temperature milk or in saliva and arrange for consultation. N.B. Ofcourse if it is a baby tooth, no need to store or re insert into the socket, just leave it, arrange for a prompt consultation to see dentist to make sure there isn't any damage to the soft tissues or the permenant teeth.

3. If suffering from a 'throbbing ache' ' pain keeping you awake at night' 'swelling on your face' keep the area clean, rinse with warm water and salt, take Ibuprofen ( if not allergic to it) usually 400mg, and arrange consultation with dentist ASAP.

   Emergency facilities are available 24hours a day, 7 days a week. It is usually assigned to a specific dentist who will undergo the necessary steps to tame your toothache.

If suffer from tooth ache HDS is here to heal the discomfort.
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