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ff Root Canal
Painless Root Canal Treatment at HDS.
Just the mere words, ‘Root Canal Treatment’, used to fill toothache sufferers, with fear and dread. Visitors to HDS will know that it is a simple, painless procedure. Some patients, are so comfortable, they even fall asleep during treatment. To understand, how this can occur, we will first get to the root of ‘root canal’.

Ultimately, when decay occurs in a tooth and it is not properly treated and restored by a proper filling, the decay advances towards the pulp. The pulp is where you find the nerves and bloody supply to the tooth. When decay reaches the pulp, the nerve dies and causes an infection or inflammation on that tooth.

As a patient you will experience pain discomfort and a throbbing ache on biting. Root canal treatment aids in the drainage on this infection through the canal within the tooth roots, thereby ; restoring health of tooth and integrity of bone surrounding it.
Sealing the tooth will prevent future colonisation of this space, by bacteria. This treatment effectively saves the tooth, as the tooth does not require blood supply from the nerve, for its successful function.