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ff Partial Dentures
Replace missing teeth with partial dentures at HDS.
In the past, dentures were the only way to replace missing teeth. More successful options of a bridge or dental implant just weren’t available.
Some people had all their teeth removed and full dentures made – these replace all missing teeth. There are now few people for whom full dentures are the best option.Partial dentures are relatively inexpensive, and can usually be manufactured within several weeks over a number of short appointments.However as most people who have partial dentures will tell you, they can be very challenging to wear.Partial dentures consist of:
  • Either a chrome (metal) or acrylic (plastic) base
  • A porcelain or acrylic tooth/teeth
  • Metal clasps which attach to your existing teeth to hold the denture in place
partial denture
The denture, unlike a bridge or dental implant, is removable. It can impair speech, causes ulcers and soft tissue inflammation, and generally have mobility when talking or eating.
The biggest disadvantage of a partial denture is the damage it can do to your remaining healthy teeth. The clasps of the denture can trap plaque and bacteria on the surfaces of your remaining teeth, leading to infection and decay. What usually begins as a one-tooth partial denture can grow into a multiple-tooth partial denture or even full denture.