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Wisdom Tooth Extractions at HDS.
At HDS, achieving the perfect smile - is a must. One thing that prevents that from happening, is an Extraction. Until recently, an extraction was a common choice for solving dental pain. Fortunately, there are more advanced methods, procedures and diagnosis available, to ensure, the great majority of teeth can be saved.

In the event of an extraction it is necessary to replace the missing tooth as soon as possible BECAUSE:
1. To maintain the integrity of your smile.
2. To prevent the sinking of muscles into the gaps giving an ' old sulken appearance'.
3. To increase eating ability.
4. To prevent teeth from moving.
5. To prevent speech problems.

Methods of Replacement:
1. Denture Chrome (metal frame) or Acrylic (plastic frame).
2. Bridge
3. Implants
4. Orthodontics - To close gaps.


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