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ff Cracks In Teeth
Restoring cracked teeth at HDS.
Teeth can develop cracks for many reasons, and the reality is you may not even know you have them, until it is a significant problem. If you experience any of the following symptoms, you may have a cracked tooth:
  • Pain: Sharp and erratic pain upon chewing or after release of biting pressure
  • Temperature Sensitivity: Sensitivity to cold or hot foods, drinks or sweets
  • General Aching: Difficulty in pinpointing which tooth hurts in either the upper or lower jaw
Most people find they don't experience any symptoms from a cracked tooth.The tooth is pain free until part of the tooth or filling materials breaks or fractures. It is at that moment, your toothache becomes an emergency.At HDS, we are on hand to respond to your emergency procedure, and relieve your pain.
Unfortunately, amalgam fillings are a major contributor to cracked teeth. Amalgam filling material doesn't bond to the tooth structure. For this reason, when a cavity in a tooth is prepared, the dentist must place 'undercuts' in the tooth structure of the prepared cavity. This is a mechanical solution to a chemical problem. As such, this process significantly weakens the tooth structure. In addition, amalgam fillings are metal, and its natural properties, cause it to expand and contract (microscopically), with temperature changes.
If you have cracks in your teeth HDS is here to fix it. Contact us at 92993128